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Persona Targeting

MultiView-FPO-Content-ImageReach Your Ideal Buyers With Precision

We all want to talk to just the right customers early in their buying journey, and that’s where persona targeting comes in handy.

With a combination of proprietary B2B data, top-of-the line ad technology, custom creative and optimization, persona targeting puts your ads in front of people on their favorite sites around the Web, based on who they are. This is different from buying a spot on one site where your potential buyers aren’t guaranteed to see it. With this form of programmatic advertising, the people who see your ads have characteristics that mirror the description of your ideal customer, regardless of whether they’re shopping for your solution today. That’s why persona targeting is such an effective tool for raising brand awareness and filling the top of the funnel. By targeting the right types of people with pinpoint accuracy early in the buying process or before they’ve even started, they’ll think of you when they’re ready to buy.

Your Data

Your Data

Our expert account management team talks with you and analyzes your web properties to build a deep understanding of your company’s goals, ideal customer and buying journey.

Our Data

Our Data

We leverage our high-quality, proprietary data from the thousands of industry publications we’ve built over the years, along with a wealth of other data sources that cover the entire B2B landscape.

Your Custom Persona

Your Custom Persona

We blend your data and our data into custom-built personas so that we can put your brand in front of a precise audience of potential buyers, instead of a broad audience that doesn’t match your ideal customer profile.

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Peace of Mind.

When you start a campaign with us, we don’t set it and forget it. Even after we’re showing your ads to your potential buyers all across the internet, we make it a priority to keep you in the loop about how things are going. We do that in a variety of ways. Experienced account managers communicate with you regularly and keep your campaign running smoothly. Robust reporting tools show you detailed performance metrics and include VisitorView, a unique tool that lets you know all about the companies visiting your site so that you can follow up with them. And insights from all of these sources are applied to your campaign through the optimization process. With this multi-faceted approach to campaign management your results only get better with time.

Campaign Enhancements


Company Targeting

Want to reach the companies that matter most to you? Get your message straight to them with a tailored campaign.

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Event Targeting

Get more booth traffic. Put your message in front of mobile prospects within the proximity of an event.

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CRM Targeting

Show your ads to your top leads and customers in your CRM on their favorite sites across the Web.

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Landing Pages

Increase your campaign’s impact with a custom landing page that inspires potential buyers to take action.

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