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Get the Most Out of Positive Customer Reviews


Word of mouth is a great influence in the marketing world. Never mind the promotions or the catchy taglines, if you snag a personal and public recommendation from a happy customer, you are seriously doing something right.

If people want information about your brand, the first place they are headed is not to your website – but rather, information on what others think about it, i.e. the customer reviews page. Now, more than ever, people look to the internet to get information and formulate opinions on people and businesses.

According to a study done by LifeLearn, 69 percent of customers look online for reviews, and 72 percent even go as far as to say they trust them. Customer reviews are a powerful force, and usually we only hear what happens when the reviews turn sour. But the power of positivity is what should actually be receiving the most attention.

Positive reviews aren’t rare, but for whatever reason some people lack the ability to toot their own horn productively. Highlighting why your customers think you are awesome isn’t bragging, it is smart. Receive some praises recently? Check out how you can use them to your advantage now, and your bottom line will thank you later.

Deck the walls of your website

As stated above, people are seeking customer reviews before they head to your website for the 4-1-1. Don’t make them work harder than they have to; place the reviews front and center on the pages of your site. Just like testimonials make your case in an advertisement, use their personal experience as an ad for your company.

Customer and client reviews can help your business grow faster by building trust. Create a section that you call your “Wall of Fame,” that highlights all those that found trust in your goods or services. This will speak volumes to your services and capabilities.

Continue to build your case … with a case study

Case studies are a phenomenal way to highlight positive customer reviews about your business. Qualitative research offers a great glimpse of company behavior. Case studies pick up where the numbers leave off – helping you state your business case even further and provide an in-depth look at how your clients benefit from your services.

Case studies offer the opportunity to tell the full story of your business, and these customer reviews will provide the optimal focal point. This study will tell the who, what, why and how this experience was so great for the customer – diving deeper into the customer’s buying journey.

Motivate your staff and boost morale

Customer reviews don’t just motivate the external crowd (other potential customers), but can deeply impact your staff. According to an article on Harvard Business Review, a growing body of research shows that end users — customers, clients, patients, and others who benefit from a company’s products and services — are surprisingly effective in motivating people to work harder, smarter, and more productively.

Chances are most employees aren’t seeing the positive feedback that comes to your organization. Make it a habit to circulate the good within your group so the entire team can directly feel the impact they are having. Nothing says high productivity like giving your team “all the feels.”

The truth of the matter is consumers write reviews to help others make better buying decisions. Positive or negative they come with a purpose. Their reviews are intended to inform about the quality of your practice and encourage others to follow or not follow in their suit. In the case of positivity, sharing is caring, and you have no reason not to let the world in on your best kept secret.

Note: MultiView has no problem practicing what we preach and tooting our own horn. Be sure to check out our customer reviews – from case studies and testimonials, to Google Reviews and third-party survey responses. We put it all out there for the world to see.

MultiView Team Expert Julie Bernhard

Julie Bernhard

News Briefs Executive Editor

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