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Are You Missing Marketing Opportunities By Not Going Live?


When it comes to marketing, it’s hard to fool your eyes. A strong visual can enhance any marketing platform, no matter what the platform is.

The use of video can be valuable in marketing, and live video has taken off among the online marketing ranks. With social media options like Facebook, Periscope and YouTube taking full advantage of live video, more and more people are seeing how valuable the visual component can be — in realtime.

Facebook Live, Periscope and YouTube Live are consistently trending because they allow companies to interact in a fast — and unedited — format. What you see is what you get — which can be a good thing for a great company pushing a great brand.

With the assistance of anything from a smartphone to a professional camera, live video is streamed to the masses via the internet. Think of it as live chatting with a face. And remember what was said earlier: A strong visual can enhance any marketing platform.

And why? Trust. People buy from those they trust. What better way to build that trust than to have face-to-face interaction? Live video allows that to happen.

With the power of live video, potential buyers not only get to learn the product but also gauge the person pushing the product. With engagement comes instant gratification, as the buyer immediately gets to know the seller.

Live video forces the seller to make every step count. For those good at pushing their brand, that shouldn’t be a problem.

Since Facebook Live’s official launch in April 2016, live streaming has seen a respectable rise in popularity. According to a 2016 report by Social Media Examiner, in a survey of more than 5,000 marketers, half planned to use live video. Roughly 16 percent of those survey already were using live streaming.

Back then, it was clear that companies were missing out on what has become a gold mine in social media
marketing. Some are just unknowing. Others don’t like change. But it’s clear that the results are there if marketers take advantage of live video’s use.

The naysayers will need numbers as proof. According to an internet trends report, more than 75 percent of marketers and small business owners surveyed said they video marketing has had a direct impact on their business.

The report also declared four times as many consumers would prefer to learn about a product via video presentation rather than to read about it. Additionally, the report indicates that Facebook users spend three times as much time viewing live videos than traditional videos.

There are multiple ways to use live video successfully. Live video can be the perfect method for teasing a new product, new event or special announcement. This can allow your customers to see your excitement about your product. It also allows you to further push the brand with the help of your major announcement.

Showcasing live events will put the potential buyer in the middle of the action, despite physically not being able to attend. The bigger the event, the better the opportunity to stream it live and impress the masses.

Arguably the most effective way is for customer service and support. Answering questions by way of reader’s comments gives the reader a face and encourages them to look for that face for future reference. Setting up a scheduled question-and-answer session sets up a huge audience. And with live video’s ability to show a replay, those who had questions but couldn’t participate can get some of their questions answered in that capacity.

HubSpot provides a step-by-step guide in how to use Facebook Live. It’s quick and easy. More importantly, it’s effective in advertising your business and building engagement.

But with any marketing objective, a live video stream needs a plan. Marketers must understand that with live video, there has to be a level of authenticity. These videos work better when they aren’t scripted or rehearsed. A customer will engage better with an employee who is genuine yet knowledgeable to the brand.

It’s time for companies to stop missing the boat on something that can be extremely useful. Live video is effective, inexpensive and next-level in the marketing world. It’s only going to get better; why not take advantage now?

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