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Multi Marketing: Instagram for Business

MultiView on Instagram
MultiView on Instagram

If you’re anything like me, you understood Instagram first as a fun app for personal use. I’ve always had a soft spot for photography (hello, dark room, my old friend) and have been a Photoshop fan for the better part of a decade. While I could be frustrated that this made photo editing so deceptively easy, I honestly appreciate the addition of beauty to every day life.

But for companies? For MultiView? I didn’t see it.

For some businesses, Instagram was an easy no-brainer. Coach? Beautiful, luxurious shots of beautiful, luxurious products. Nike? Products in use in sports around the world. Billboard? Awesome images of famous musicians performing or in the studio. Boston Celtics? Team in action. Badda-bing, badda-boom.

The trick was figuring out how Instagram could work for us. Like so many companies out there in the digital age, MultiView doesn’t offer a physical product. There are no shoes to take home, no food to serve on a plate and there are only so many different shots you can take of a computer screen. So if you’re a digital company figuring out how to apply Instagram: read on!

Your product isn’t the only thing you have to promote—you also have your culture.

MultiView on Instagram
MultiView on Instagram

At MultiView, we know we’ve got something unique. We’re high-energy and laid-back, boisterous and relaxed. We know how to best serve our clients, and we know how to have fun doing it. Our Instagram account is all about our employees, in and out of the office! You’ll find shots of minions making sales, of Christmas in July, of Mustache Monday, and a corporate golf outing. Our Instagram celebrates our people so that when the world asks who are we we can confidently answer: “We are MultiView!”

And what better way to get word out about intramural sports? Dodgeball, sand volleyball, kickball, baseball—we do it all and we love to show it off!

Remember that your business is more than your product—it’s also your people.

And MultiViewers who haven’t gotten on the Instagram bandwagon yet- I’m talking at you! Follow us (@multiviewmedia) or drop your Instagram handle in the comments so we can follow you back!

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